Search Marketing Services

Whether it’s search engine optimization (organic search marketing) or paid search marketing, we have the certified knowledge and strategies it takes to lend credibility and visibility to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of methodologies that make it easier for search engines to find, include, categorize and rank your website's content, organically. An effective SEO program helps your website appear in the top results when people search online for your products and services.

Our SEO Specialists are certified by The Search Engine Academy - Southwest in search engine placement strategies. We'll construct a plan to fit your company’s unique needs based on your industry, target demographics and how to best attract potential customers.

We use proven research tools to identify the perfect set of relevant keyword phrases to boost your website’s visibility. We research top competitors’ search strategies and use cutting-edge techniques to ensure you stay ahead of the competition. Our team is comprised of experts in modern web development standards, and to make sure every aspect of your site is search optimized. We work tirelessly to identify any potential issues, and correct them immediately.

We use a comprehensive process to give you the exact SEO strategy your company needs.

  • Discovery/ Research and Analysis
  • Understanding your business objective and goals
  • Identify your target market (i.e. Demographic, Psychographic Geography, etc.)
  • Extensive research & analysis for selected and targeted traffic keywords
  • Detailed analysis of domains
  • Technical analysis of your site's code and hosting environment
  • Detailed research and analysis of multiple competitors’ websites and search strategy
  • Keywords and traffic benchmarking
  • Initial Site Optimization (to every single page of your website)
  • Meta-tag optimization
  • Content Interlinking
  • Anchor Tag Optimization
  • Link Structure Modification
  • Image Attribute Tagging
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Content Optimization (Keyword relevancy & weighted content optimization)/SEO Copywriting
  • Back-linking strategies
  • Off-Page Optimization Strategies
  • Robot.txt File Implementation
  • HTML & XML Sitemap development
Advanced SEO Strategies

Once you’re optimized, it’s crucial to stay search relevant.

Our search marketing specialists continue to work to make sure your company remains at the top. We continue to research the latest SEO findings so that you never lose the audience you've gained, and continue to grow your potential client base using proven methods:

  • Monthly Performance Reporting
  • Continuous Keyword Research
  • Inbound Link Building Strategies
  • Page Refinement (continuous modifications to all pages associated with your company/brand)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Search Engine Marketing (PPC or Pay Per Click)

More than half of all online advertising dollars this year will be spent on paid search marketing campaigns. Although paid search marketing is highly effective, targeted and measurable, it is also extremely competitive. Our paid search marketing specialists are experts at maximizing your ROI for both SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

Our PPC services include:

  • Business Analysis & Strategy
  • Goal Assessment
  • Campaign Auditing
  • Competitor and keyword Research and Analysis with an Eye on ROI
  • Bid Management & Optimization
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Compelling Copywriting
  • Landing Page Development and Optimization
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Trademark Infringement Monitoring
  • A/B & Multivariate Ad Testing
  • Constant Campaign Management
  • Monthly Reporting