Email Marketing Services

 screwtop media offers online email marketing services and customized branded templates

Our interactive email marketing team has a rich track record of success in helping companies build effective email marketing programs. Regardless of your company’s size, we utilize brand goals, customer information and databases to maximize your marketing efforts.

Email Marketing Strategy

We’ll understand your target base and construct intelligent marketing messages based on your brand and goals. Using comprehensive statistics like open, registration and click through rates, we continue to develop and improve your communication.

Our capabilities include:

  • User Profile Development
  • Explicit and Passive Website Personalization
  • Campaign Management of Offers Within Websites
  • Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Template Design

Using our extensive knowledge of your brand and customers, we construct sensible, clean and attractive email templates that will convey your message perfectly.

Email Management Tools

Our user-friendly email platform allows you to create & execute a message to your customers quickly and easily no matter your company’s size. We also have the ability to incorporate Salesforce, Quickbooks and similar CRM programs into our platform designed keep an accurate history of your customer interactions.

Data Control

We help manage your data and make absolutely certain all of it is up to date and accurate. We also help you understand who your most important customers are while keeping your email list clean from bounced emails and unsubscribed members.


With our email marketing system, we deliver real-time statistics measuring the success of your campaigns. We also utilize analytics to track your customers from every email to your site. We can determine where your customers go, what they buy and even where they go next. With that knowledge in mind, we continue to modify and improve your email marketing campaigns to optimize sales, response and overall success.