Augmented Reality Applications

Mobile-Eyes® is Screwtop Media's “White Label” augmented reality software designed to allow companies the ability to customize an augmented reality application to promote products in a viral, social and engaging environment.

Open up Screwtop Media's Christmas Card and Scan using either our Android or iOS augmented reality app to see it come to life

Click to enlarge our Christmas Card marker and scan it with our augmented reality application to see it come to life! To download our augmented reality application, please tap or scan the links below.


Screwtop Media's Mobile-Eyes® augmented reality software allows you to create promotions and/or applications that can insert interactive and entertaining elements into a smartphone’s camera, to provide viral sharing of your brand to existing and potential customers.

Mobile-Eyes® represents the next generation of mobile technology; allowing your customers to interact with your brand by viewing your products and logos through the application. Once your brand or product is recognized, your application will entertain, provide information, generate coupons or allow anything else you can think of.


Mobile-Eyes® augmented reality application has built in track-ability which allows you to know exactly who, how many times, where and why people viewed your products. Imagine the possibilities of monetizing traditional advertisement placements by allowing real time interaction through your Mobile-Eyes® augmented reality application!


Mobile-Eyes augmented reality app has the built-in integration with social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google + which allow your customers to share photos and/or promotions throughout their network to gain invaluable viral possibilities.

Screwtop Media's Mobile-Eyes® is the promotional, informative, viral and engaging augmented reality application that will expand and monetize your advertisements to the next level. Give us a call and see how Screwtop Media Mobile-Eyes can help your brand reach new heights.

Download Our Christmas Card Application

Click or scan the markers below to download our augmented reality app directly to your smart phone!

Screwtop media's augmented reality app for andriod mobile devices Screwtop media's augmented reality app for iOS mobile devices