Samsung Mobile

Samsung Intranet Design & Development

One of the largest mobile phone and tablet manufacturers in the world, Samsung chose us to redesign and build a corporate intranet site to aid in the communication and collaboration between employees worldwide. The project called for us to connect to multiple locations across several different systems that handled communications, human resources, production, distribution, travel and expenses.

We worked with Samsung to develop a solution utilizing a .net nuke CMS system that ties through to the legacy systems, allowing employees to use a single login to access every system necessary. We then created an attractive web design and user-friendly interface. Today the intranet is the primary Samsung employee information site, containing everything from human resources documents and local news to weather reports and cafeteria menus.

Samsung Recruiting Site Design & Development

Samsung approached us once more to design and build a corporate recruiting website to facilitate the finding and hiring world-class talent.

We utilized a .net nuke CMS system along with Flash technology to create an engaging cutting edge site to highlight Samsung’s employment benefits, including several videos featuring Samsung executives discussing the perks of being a Samsung employee. We then designed and created promotional collateral materials for college and recruiting events across the country.

Design & Development Projects: