Purus Labs

Purus Lab's Corporate Website

We were approached by Purus Labs to create sophisticated designs and solutions on two separate occasions. We worked with them to understand their business, customers and goals to create a clean and provocative site utilizing HTML 5 technology, captivating design and intriguing messaging.

We also utilized our e-commerce capabilities to build a robust online store on Purus’s main site selling supplements and apparel with fully searchable inventory. We also developed an application that allows corporations to sign up as certified distributors and/or retailers so they could load their products faster an easier. We worked to make this process as automated as possible.

Marinate Your Mind Microsite

Purus Labs approached us to design, develop and present a microsite comparing their supplements to the 'non' competition in a week’s time. We utilized flash to create the interactive experience of adding supplements, ingredients, servings and ultimate cost. We created a visual representation of how much each workout cost when compared to Purus Lab’s Muscle Marinade Product. We also utilized a PHP database to capture data for future newsletter initiatives.